A huge variety of annual and perennial flowers and vegetables are available in punnets.

2 deliveries a week for fresh stock & over 100 varieties.

See the seasonal page on what time to plant.

For the Culinary chef we have a large variety of herbs.

As well as insect repellant herbs, Medicina, Religious & Ceremonial, Herbal teas and Pourri.

NEW to our store is the rare herb section. These are totally organic and have over 100 varieties depending on availability from growers and whether they are a noxious weed in NSW. Visit for a list of herbs. If the herbs are ready for sale we order them in for you.

Potted Colour:

Don't want to wait for seedlings to grow or have a special occasion coming up and you want to jazz up the garden? Then we have the colours for you.

Seasonal range in stock to give the garden the instant established look.


We have camellias from very small pots to the large sizes.

Sasanquas, Japonicas, Fragrant, Miniature and hybrids can be found through our range.


Whether you are a beginner or a Bonsai Master we have everything to suit.

Ranges from Starter tube stock to the advanced large pots, Bonsai pots, Bonsai tools and wire, decorative gravels

Shade Plants:

Take a stroll in our relaxing lush shade house where you will find an array of shade loving plants.

Select from Bromeliads like Achmeas, Neorogelia, Ananas & Verisias, just to name a few.

Other plant stock include Gingers, Heliconias, Tree ferns (Cooperii and Dicksonia), Birds nest ferns, Azaleas, Fuchsia, Ixoras and Shade loving climbers.

A small Variety of palms that inclues Alexander, Bungalow Majestic and Dwarf Date Palms.

Colourful Ivy geraniums are the go for hanging baskets under the pergola that will give a splash most of the year round.


Visit Casa Del Cactus our cactus and Succulent Corner. You will find an exciting mix of shapes and sizes in cactus and succulent.

This is a Great drought tolerant plant that is low maintenance and add in a colour of green, silver and burgundy to your garden landscape.