Outdoor Plants


If there is a plant that can withstand dry and cold conditions, then conifers are your plants.

Colours from glauca blues to vibrant golds and lush greens.

All year round colours that will go in any Mediterranean or formal style gardens.

From Japan's Black pines for the Bonsai enthusiast to the dwarf conifer for small rockeries.


Always trying to keep up with the new releases to the good old favourites like Mr. Lincoln with it's deep rich red petals and high fragrance.

From Hydrid teas to floribundas to miniature roses to standard iceberg roses, we have them all.

New season stock arrives in June/July, so get your orders in.

New releases for 2008 are Eddtide, Good Samaritan, My Hero, Fire & Ice and Pride of Venus.

Trees & Shrubs:

If there is a Special plant that you are after, we will try our best to see if it's available for you. Simply go to our contact page and send in your request, our green life purchaser will get back to you with an answer as soon as they can.

Fruit Trees:

Visit our fruits of all around the world!

From Asia we have Mangoes, Lychee, Longan, Wampee, Star Gooseberry, Drumstick & Horseradish trees, Curry leaf & many more.

From South America we have Guava, Avocado, Panama Berry, Star Fruit, Chocolate Pudding & many more.

From the Mediterranean we have Carob Trees, Fig Trees, Pomegranate and Olives.

All kind of Citrus from Mandarins to Lemons.

We also stock the Citrus Splitzer which is a doubled grafted Dwarf Citrus.

And a large range of other dwarf Citrus & Dwarf Fruit trees are available for the small garden.