Sand and Soil:

We have over 36 bins of raw materials on offer.

Sand for bricklaying yellow and off-white brickies sand for tiling you would use Botany sand. For paving you would use coarse river sand and for mixing concrete you would use fine river sand.

A range of garden mixes like Organic Mix used for flowers, shrubs and native varieties and Multi Mix which is used for Vegetable, herbs and Fruit Frees.

Top Soil for filling or leveling your turf or for top dressing. Also a 3 on 1 Lawn Mix used as a underlay for fresh turf or for top dressing.

To enhance the growth of your exciting plants we recommend a few garden supplements such as Compost mix cow manure and potting which are available in either bulk or can be purchased in bag products.

Decorative pebbles for landscaping includes yellow quartz in Large, Medium and Small. White Quartz in Extra Large, Large, Medium and Small. Walls White in Medium and Small. Scoria (Volcanic Rock) in 10mm and 20mm. River pebbles in 20mm and 40mm. Pea Gravel and features pieces in Luckystone Crush Terracotta. Denman Red in 6mm.

Timber based products such as mulches hold in moisture during the Summer months. We stock 1'' Bark and 1/2'' Bark-Hardwoodchip, Red Chip and Cypress Mulch

All these products either come in Bulk or and be purchased in Bag products.

Along with the Small decorative pebbles we import feature rocks from China, Turkey and Vietnam in polished and non-polished marble to rock in various shapes and colours.

Other raw material we stock are Road Base and metal dust for Compaction for driveways and paving. Blue metal in 20mm and 10m for drainage and concreting. Reconstituted granite in a yellow colour which make great pathways in Gardens setting once compacted down.

Treated Pine Products:

Whether you are building a retaining wall or just constructing a garden edge, we have the treated pine for you.

From round logs for posts, sleepers, wingsplits, slabs and split logs in a variety of sizes.

Blocks and Pavers:

Assorted colours and styles with added advantage of our own Sandstone mason Collin Anderson. Examples of his work include Sydney Airport and the Kokoda Track Memorial in Concord.

With our new paving and block display it is quite easy to mix and match the pavers and block require for a professional look. Blocks are designed for an easy D.I.Y. in one weekend.

We have the stock onsite so if the job is small you can pick up or we can deliver for you. Larger quantities may require a direct delivery. - New colours and styles from Boral & CM Paving.

Precast concrete paves are also available with various shapes and texture from smooth finishes to the good ol' Pebblecrete in round square and Kidney-Shaped pavers.

If concreting to be done, we have the product from steel mesh to the Y12 roads. If you don't know the materials required for the concrete job just contact us and we will be happy to work out the quantities you require.

Cement and Bagging Products:

All bags are 20kg and all have easy to read instructions for the home handy man.

Products include are General Purpose Grey cement, Off White cement, Builders cement, Sand and Cement premix & Concrete mix (Sand cement and gravel).

Renders clay, Hydrated lime, Plaster lime and rapid set concrete (Quick Dry) for those weekend warrior jobs.

We have all bulk products bagged and ready to go for those small touch up jobs or you have limited access to the job.