Indoor Plants

You don't have a large backyard only a small courtyard! Then bring the colour in and brighten your insides.

From large feature indoor plants to the small table ornaments of African violets.

We have ceramic pots to suit your decor of the home and the right advice in keeping your indoor plants fresh and alive.

Browse through the large range of colourful crotons, indoor plants, shade loving cordylines rhoeos and yuccas.

For the Feng Shui needs we have Lucky bamboo, Happy plants and Zanzibar Gems to encourage luck and Prosperity into your home.

Seasonal Displays, i.e. Christmas and Chinese New Year for those last minute gifts.

Plenty of those sharp Mother in Law tongues in all shapes and sizes.

A large fish tank to entertain the kids.

Indoor hanging baskets for those shady protected areas ranging from rabbit foot ferns to ribbon plants and bridal veils. The bright oranges and reds of the goldfish and lipstick hangers with their dark glossy green leaves.

Broad leaf Figs and Philodendrons with leaves larger than your hands to keep the luck from washing down the drains in your laundry and bathrooms.

Lots of money plant climbers (Devil's Ivy) which will climb all over your room and survive just about anywhere.

We have many cover pots to keep your carpets dry in many exciting colours and lightweight pots in natural stone colour to suit the more larger indoor plant features.